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  The first requirement of every tourist is a comfortable nest to stay. Tourists must also exercise caution while travelling in India.. While travelling by train in India, tourists should be extra cautious about their luggage in stations and also during the period of journey. When planning your tour , ask your Agent to include an Indian fair or festival in your itinerary. Witnessing the light and gaiety of these celebrations is, you will find, a great experience. Here you will find some Important travel tips to keep in mind while travelling in India.  
Except for nationals of Bhutan and Nepal, all foreigners need to possess a valid Passport and obtain a Visa for visiting India. A Tourist Visa is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and is usually a 90-day visa. Extension of tourist visa may be granted by the Foreign Registration Officer. Tourist staying for more than 90 days have to register themselves with the Foreigners Regional Registration Officer or the Superintendent of Police of the district within a period of one week from their arrival. Foreigners in India need to get special permits to visit various restricted and protected areas in some states.  
Tourists should also take a few health related precautions. No vaccinations are essential for foreign tourists entering India, except Yellow Fever vaccination for tourists coming from African or South American countries. If travelling to India during the peak summer season, direct exposure to sunlight should be avoided to minimize chances of heat strokes. A lot of water should also be consumed to avoid dehydration as India is a humid place. Moreover, it is safer to drink only boiled or filtered water. Another option is to carry mineral water bottles available in all shops. However, tampered mineral water bottles should not be purchased. Sweetened beverages like Coke and Pepsi are also easily available in the markets.  
An insect repellent could be used if the place of stay is a mosquito-prone area. While visiting pharmacies, always check the expiry date of medicines and insist on a genuine receipt. Similarly, while visiting doctors, it should be checked whether they are registered.  
Food & Drink  
Food items should never be consumed from roadside stalls as chances of diseases like jaundice are always present. Indian food being spicy and oily, large quantities should never be consumed even while eating at a good eatery. To ensure that the food retains its hygiene, only food served hot should be consumed. Beef is not generally eaten in India. Pork, too, is rarely eaten. Curd or yoghurt is an effective and natural aid to digestion. It is advisable to stick to only cooked food and to eat fresh fruits whose skin you can peel off or remove, especially if you have a queasy stomach.  
There are various dry days in the year, when liquor cannot be purchased by Indian nationals. However, foreign nationals can purchase liquor on proof of nationality. A few Indian states are completely dry.  
It is not mandatory to tip cab drivers but if you happy with their services you can give tip INR 200 -300 per day. Porters are usually tipped at the end of your stay, though tipping at the beginning may result in a higher standard of service. In general you can give INR 100 -200. If you are happy with services of guide then you can give INR 400 -500 per day.  
Photography is not always permissible and at many places is permitted only at a fee. There is usually a higher fee for video cameras. Museums and monuments are usually closed one day in a week. Photography at airports is prohibited.   
Money Matters  
Money exchanging facilities are available in all major airports and hotels. This facility could also be availed from authorised agents. 24 hour ATM facilities are now available everywhere in India including national highways, shopping places and hospitals. Foreign currency above US$ 10000 brought into the country need to be declared in a Currency Declaration Form. Currency should be changed only at the authorised dealers. Airports, most banks and many hotels fall under this category .They will issue an encashment certificate which is later required to reconvert local currency into foreign currency. Local currency cannot be legally be taken out of the country due to exchange regulations. Credit cards like Visa and Master cards, as well as Amercian Express and Diners, are accepted in many establishments in the major towns and cities.    
India is a shopper’s dream. All these shops have fixed prices. Information on these shops can be obtained from your Agent.(Most of large stores will ship your purchases for though , for convenience and to avoid postal delays, it is advisable to carry your shopping with you or to book it as unaccompanied baggage). In small shops, and in small towns and cities, bargaining is a standard practise, and is enjoyed by all concerned.    
Mugging is not a common crime in India, but tourist should guard against pick-pocketing , bag-snatching and eve-teasing. A few precautions should be sufficient to ensure your safety. Always keep the photocopy of the Passport and visa safe. Carry original with you while travelling around. In case you need to make a report to the police, obtain a copy of the First Information Report(FIR) and keep it with you. Foreigners can always get in touch with your respected Embassy or High Commission in New Delhi, if they need help. Foreigners are requested to be careful while purchasing Railway or Air tickets from unauthorised agents.     
Purchase & Export of Articles  
Re-export of all articles, in full, brought into India temporarily with the permission of custom authorities. The following articles can be exported without any export trade control restrictions:      
All articles including travel souvenirs brought in from outside the country by the tourist.  
Souvenirs including Indian silk, wool, artware etc.  
Arms & ammunition for personal use.  
Articles made of peacock feathers in reasonable quantities.  
Gold Jewellery: Any person not ordinarily resident in India may take out from India Jewellery made mainly or wholly of gold without limit provided that the Jewellery was previously brought by him into India from abroad, with the permission of the Customs authorities.  
Law and order  
Law and order is another area where some precautions could be taken. In militancy infested areas, tourists should not venture late into night. Moreover, in case of any difficulty, number 100 should be dialled which connects immediately to the nearest police station.  
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